PLEIADE: a playful approach to develop teachers’ inclusive learning design competences


With sharply increasing cultural, linguistic and socio-economic diversity in Europe’s school populations, the shift towards educational practices that embrace the inclusion of all learners has become a priority. However, teachers need support in establishing inclusion as a cornerstone of their practice. PLayful Environment for Inclusive leArning Design in Europe (PLEIADE) is an Erasmus Plus Strategic Partnership for Schools that responds to this scenario by treating it as an opportunity for needs-driven educational innovation powered by teachers’ professional capacity building. PLEIADE basic assumption is that carefully orchestrated learner collaboration can support inclusive classroom dynamics and attitudes. However, in spite of decades of research work in the Learning Design field, the way teachers design collaborative learning activities for their students is still rather unsystematic and their designs are scarcely aligned with consolidated pedagogical knowledge in the field of Collaborative Learning. This is particularly true when technology comes into the equation and the design process requires decisions concerning the what, how and when of technology use.

Against this backdrop, the PLEIADE project proposes an approach to Teacher Professional Development that draws from research outcomes in several areas: Learning Design methods and tools, practice sharing behaviours and Learning Analytics for Self-Regulated Teacher Professional Development and, last but not least, gamification and games for learning. The approach is underpinned by a set of project methodological outcomes and tools that will be at the core of the workshop activities, as described below.

During the PLEIADE project, a multicultural community of teachers will engage in designing inclusive and collaborative activities with the support of researchers of the Institute for Educational Technology and the University of Sofia, the two academic institutions of PLEIADE. This effort will be scaffolded by the PLEIADE methodological outcomes and tools. Furthermore, the approach intends to leverage the competence about inclusion already developed by the PLEIADE teachers’ community to inform the fine tuning process of the PLEIADE results.


Target audience, aims and format

This pre-conference workshop of the ATEE Winter conference 2022 addresses all the stakeholders potentially interested in the PLEIADE project results: teacher educators, policy makers, teachers, school principals, researchers and other stakeholders interested in improving the ability of European educational systems to cater for the diverse needs of their students through collaborative learning approaches.

The aim of the workshop is to demonstrate the PLEIADE approach by engaging participants in hands on activities with some of the methods and playful tools developed by the project. Thus, the workshop will be highly interactive and playful. Participants will also be offered the opportunity to join the PLEIADE community of experts in inclusion, learning design and gamification and provide their feedback on the project outputs.

Workshop organization

It will take place in the same premises of the ATEE 2022 Winter Conference, in Sestri Levante, Italy in face-to-face format.


Donatella Persico and Francesca Pozzi, CNR-ITD

Organizing Committee

Andrea Ceregini, CNR-ITD
Francesca Dagnino, CNR-ITD
Flavio Manganello, CNR-ITD

Lucia Ferlino, CNR-ITD
Marcello Passarelli, CNR-ITD

Programme Committee

Nafsika Alexiadou, Umeå University, Sweden
Juan Ignacio Asensio Pérez, Valladolid University, Spain
Andrea Ceregini, CNR-ITD
Francesca Dagnino, CNR-ITD
Adriana Gewerc, University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain
Carlo Innocenti, Oracle Corporartion
Nikolina Nikolova, Sofia University At. Kliment Ohridski
Davide Parmigiani, Università di Genova, ATEE president
Pietro Polsinelli, OpenLab & University Milano Bicocca
Symeon Retalis, University of Piraeus, Greece
Barbara Wasson, Bergen University, Norway

Further information

For further information, please contact

Draft Agenda

14:00-15:45        Chair: Donatella Persico, CNR-ITD

14:00-14:10        Workshop Opening, Mario Allegra, director CNR-ITD, Italy

14:10-14:30        Introduction to the PLEIADE Project, Donatella Persico, CNR-ITD, Italy, PLEIADE Coordinator

14:30-14:50        Keynote address:
Designing for effective collaborative learning: Reflections and recommendations,
Prof Yannis Dimitriadis, Valladolid University, Spain

14:50-15:10        I4Ts game presentation, Francesca Pozzi, CNR-ITD, Italy

15:10- 15:45       Gamification interlude, Andrea Ceregini, CNR-ITD

15:45-16:15        Coffee break

16-15-17:30        Chair: Francesca Pozzi, CNR-ITD

16:15-17:15        I4Ts game hands-on session

17:15-17:30        Discussion

17:30                   Workshop closing

You can download the workshop’s agenda, clicking on this link: WORKSHOP’S AGENDA

You can download the slides of the workshop, by clicking on this link: WORKSHOP SLIDES

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